How to pick a thong based on body type?

There are some major formulas for understanding how to pick a thong according to your body type. Choosing the right thong is very important for your body and comfort besides your confidence and feminine attractiveness. 

In addition to the body type, the material, brand, and texture of the product for your health are very important and should be considered how compatible with nature and the human body, and therefore its sustainability.

Respecting all unique bodies and needs, we will discuss how to pick a thong regarding to our body types, and organic and sustainable materials that do not harm animals and nature. Also, we will examine thongs for women in the aspect of care tips for long-term use and more. 

Let’s reach a holistic awareness that we do not neglect the future of our world, while we take one step closer to ourselves, our bodies, our wishes, and our needs, and let’s get to know thongs closely.

Different Body Types Female

Body shapes are very different and unique in the world. This is something that can vary not only between adults and children but also between the genders. Women also have different body types. These body types are named after the shapes or things to which they are compared. Let’s take a brief look. After that, we can see how to pick a thong according to the body type.

different body shapes
Different body shapes

How to determine body type?

Here is a very fast way to understand body type with a few tiny tips. 

  • Hourglass (slim waist)
  • Athletic (sporty body)
  • Inverted Triangle (wide shoulders – narrow hips)
  • Rectangle (the upper body and hips are a proportional rectangle, but the legs are slim)
  • Apple (shoulder and bust are wide, butt and legs are thin)
  • Pear (shoulder is narrow, leg and hip are wide)

Types of thongs (for body types)

Learning how to wear a thong according to your body shape is as important as getting to know your body type. Choosing the right thong is very important in terms of appearance, comfort, and health, whether for visual reasons or just seeking comfort. With the presence of underwear that fits, wraps, and integrates with your body, it will never bother you and you will enjoy wearing it.

In light of these significant features, let’s dive into the notable and proper thong styles for our body types. After understanding one of the most important details that will meet our needs and expectations, the others will appear as complementary details.

underwear for body shape
Underwear for body shape

Thongs for hourglass shape

Wide-legged pants for hourglass body shape are my favorite ones. But of course, hourglass bodies can carry every model in an aesthetic way. I don’t think you would want to see the traces of your underwear, especially if you like clothes that fit your body. So the most suitable panties will be thongs. Although I know that you will fit most of the outfit on your body, let’s not go without mentioning the two types of thongs that will reveal your body curves most clearly.

If the lower body is too long for the upper body, then choose low waist thongs. If the upper body is too long than the lower body, then continue with high-waisted thongs. Also, you may like the T-back thongs.

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Inverted triangle underwear

Here are the thong models you need to make your buttocks look more voluminous!

πŸ‘‰πŸ»Women’s Brazilian thongs

πŸ‘‰πŸ»V-string thongs

Some V-string thongs are suitable only for handwashing. Especially V-string thong Victoria Secret is very popular among similar. You can also learn how to wash Victoria Secret lingerie from here.

thongs for ladies
Thongs for ladies

Thongs for rectangle

Rectangle body shape females need to determine which part of their body and how they want to highlight that part. 

πŸ‘‰πŸ»Skimpy thongs for women

πŸ‘‰πŸ»Embellished Thongs

πŸ‘‰πŸ»Chain thong with letters

If you have an athletic or rectangular body shape and you want to make your waist look slim or curvy, you might like these πŸ‘‡πŸ»

πŸ‘™Frilly thong

πŸ‘™Silky lace thong panties

best thongs for beginners
Best thongs for beginners

Thongs for apple shaped body

It can be said that women with apple body structures are at least as advantageous in choosing underwear as hourglass-shaped ones. If you want to show your hips wide and voluminous, you can look at the models we have listed above.

If you want to hide and recover the fat accumulated in the abdominal area πŸ‘‡πŸ»

πŸ‘‰πŸ»full coverage thong

πŸ‘‰πŸ»wide waistband thong

πŸ‘‰πŸ»french cut thongs

πŸ‘‰πŸ»seamless skin color thong

are just the thing for you.

best control thongs for tummy
Best control thongs for tummy

Thongs for pear shaped body

For women with pear body type, the question we need to focus on is what you need. If there are excesses in the lumbar region, the full coverage thongs I mentioned above will be beneficial for tummy control.

You may also like the V-waisted seamless thongs. V-waist products will give you a more sporty look.

If you’re looking for a sexier look, lace thongs or mesh thongs may do the trick. These are the best underwear for pear-shaped body that will make your legs longer. 

If your upper body is rather short and you are looking for a visual balance, you should definitely check out this low rise cotton thong pack.

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how to choose a thong
How to choose a thong

How to pick a thong with considering other features?

There are so many pretty thongs either in stores or online shopping. But the factors we need to consider can vary according to our needs, priorities, and expectations. Let’s explore the basic and essential ones together. 

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What material are thongs made of?

Materials such as cotton, bamboo, elastane, nylon, spandex, and polyamide are among the most common materials in thongs. More luxurious materials such as silk are also available.

For daily use, it is beneficial to prefer fabrics with a breathable texture. Luckily, we can buy products that can offer us underwear with the appearance we want in a beneficial way in terms of comfort and health. 

Ethical production certificates and the organic nature of the products you will buy for sustainability and nature are among the details you can pay attention to.

elastic lace thong
Elastic lace thong

Different types of thongs

Thongs in different styles, cuts, waist models, and shapes are quite diverse. This diversity in underwear offers us a product alternative suitable for every occasion, whether you love thongs in everyday life, an elegant invitation or spice up your love life. 

It is also possible to find more ornamented and stoned ones. It is also possible to find sportive products for those who live actively. There are those who are comfortable with French-cut thongs and those who like micro thongs.

We talked about the most suitable thongs for different body shapes in detail above. Of course, molds exist to make our job easier. That doesn’t mean we can’t go beyond them.

Also, some of the thongs packs can be in different patterns and colors. If you think it has a brand you know and quality content, don’t be afraid to try it. Whatever your body shape is, try the thong you want to wear and if you’re comfortable with it, it’s the thong that’s best for you.

How to choose the right size thong?

The best way is to learn how to know what size thong you are that you shop from the brand’s thong sizes chart. If your thong is too big, there may be loosening and sagging and undesirable results may occur. On the contrary, if it is too narrow, it may prevent blood circulation and cause both health and comfort problems.

how to know if a thong fits right
How to know if a thong fits right

What size thong should I wear?

You should choose your normal size in underwear. However, you should remember that the size chart of each brand or each country may differ. While choosing the size of your product, the stretching and adjustability of the thong are also very important. Paying attention to these and here is the answer to how to size a thong. Lingerie size is a very important detail for answering how to pick a thong for yourself. Other details may change due to your expectations and needs.

How should thongs fit?

You will know that it fits you if it covers everything that needs to be covered comfortably, neither too loose nor too tight, and if it does not cause you discomfort when you are on the move or sitting.

Thongs Care Tips

Thong underwear for women needs extra care than others. The most important reason for this is that this type of underwear is between the buttocks and causes infections caused by bacteria and microbes. Of course, as long as you maintain, clean, and store it properly and keep both your body and your underwear clean at all times, you minimize all these risks. 

Thus far, we were talking about how to pick a thong properly. But there is also another important section about the care and maintenance of our lingerie. Therefore, for a healthier, safer, and more comfortable experience, choosing the right laundry products is as important as completing the washing, drying, folding, and storage stages in a hygienic way.

Learn to wash Victoria Secret lingerie properly & πŸ‘‰πŸ»Underwear in washing machine and do not forget to use lingerie bags.

EXPLOREπŸ‘‰πŸ»What detergent for hand washing?

Last but not least, do not forget to wash after each use without waiting.

how to wash thongs by hand
How to wash thongs by hand?

Frequently Asked Questions About How to Pick a Thong Based on Your Body Type

Choosing the right thong model according to your body shape is a very personal and special journey. Your expectations, needs, and demands are as important as brands and popular products on this path. Either during learning how to pick a thong journey or another, never compromise yourself for fashion. Love your body and choose the most comfortable undergarments for yourself. Here are the other curious things and top-asked questions about thongs.

How long can you wear a thong?

It should be changed every day in order not to cause bacterial problems as it gets in between the buttocks. You should change it if moisture or a different negative effect is seen in a shorter time.
If you are doing sports, this will shorten your thong change process. It should be changed more frequently as there will be sweating etc. during the exercise.
In addition, it can be preferred such as cotton and bamboo so that it does not irritate while workout. Keep that in mind πŸ‘‰πŸ»Choose more comfortable underwear during high-intensity workouts such as seamless hipster briefs.

How to wear a thong?

Think about your other lingerie pieces and try to imagine how to pick a thong and combine it with them. For instance, if you have a black lace bralette top, you can mix it with a pink thong. You can also combine them with garters, stockings, or nightgowns.Β 

Do thongs cause odor?

Odor when wearing thongs is not normal. however, these odors may not always be a sign of illness. Irritation may occur. If you have worn it for longer than necessary, the smell may occur. This odor may also be caused by bacteria formation. It may also indicate an illness.

The reason for the smell may not be from you. It can be caused by the material and fabric of your laundry. Pay attention to your laundry. Observe. Don’t wear thongs, g-strings, or “that” thongs for a while. Wear different models of underwear. If the same odor persists or if you have other complaints, it would be useful to see a doctor.

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