TIPS for How to Clean Yoga Pants

Find out how to clean yoga pants and always look fit, spotless, and gorgeous. I have prepared for you the tricks that we need to pay attention to in order to protect the yoga pants in vivid color, flexibility, and wrapping shape as on the first day.

Come and discover all the tips and secrets about how to clean yoga pants and maintenance well through the eyes and experiences of a yoga instructor. With just a few easy steps, you will meet your yoga pants looking like new again.

How to clean yoga pants?

Do you want to keep your yoga clothes looking like the first day, while getting rid of stubborn dirt? Here are 10 powerful steps on how you can clean your yoga pants or yoga leggings. 

  1. Wash it without waiting for it to get dirty.
  2. If there is any settled and stubborn dirt, soak the soiled area in warm water for a little while before washing it to remove them.
  3. Choose natural, hypoallergenic detergents and fabric softeners.
  4. If you are washing by hand, follow the basic rules.
  5. If you are washing in the machine, make sure you select the right program for yoga pants and leggings.
  6. Wash with similar colors.
  7. Avoid abrasives such as vinegar, alcohol, and bleach!
  8. Never let your yoga product come into contact with too hot (Hot water, hot air, etc.)
  9. Dry on its own.
  10. In order to avoid the need for ironing, lower the spin setting of your machine and spread it on a flat surface while drying.

For more detailed cleaning steps, removing stains,  yoga bra and pants outfits, and more, keep reading 👇🏻

Yoga pants clean
Yoga pants clean

Yoga pants vs Leggings

Although yoga pants and leggings look different from each other, they have common points where they meet to provide the comfort you need in your practice. Such as the fabrics used and their elasticity.

Flexibility is an essential part of yoga, so whether you’re wearing yoga pants or yoga leggings, you’ll find the comfort you’re looking for in all quality yoga wear. The key to how maintaining this comfort is the careful care you will show it.

In our daily life and as casual wear, we can choose yoga pants and yoga tights according to our needs and expectations, which we can match with lace bralette tops to create a beautiful outfit.

As those who love to wear white, we can create our own unique yoga fashion style with kundalini yoga white clothing and get inspired by different styles of yoga.

However, if we use yoga pants and other clothes for sports, it is worth remembering that we should take extra care in their care. Because, like us, they deserve to be calmed, softened, and cleansed after all these challenging and sweaty yoga classes.

The cleaning and maintenance of products such as hot yoga bra tops are more or less the same as other yoga clothing items. Let’s explore what methods we can best wash them now 🎯👇🏻

yoga pants leggings outfits
Yoga pants leggings outfits

What’s the best way to wash leggings?

Especially when it comes to activewear leggings, we would like to see our yoga pants hygienically clean without compromising their good looks. There are some information, tips, care suggestions, cleaning materials, and cleaning methods that will help us in cleaning yoga pants in this regard.

Yoga leggings and pants can be washed in hand wash and in the hand wash programs of the machines with the option of low speed and warm or cold water.

washing leggings
Washing leggings

How often should you wash yoga pants?

Wash after each use, depending on the intensity of the contamination. If possible, do the washing job without delay. The longer you wait, the more dirt and sweat will build up and dry up. It may even become a layer after a while, which we don’t want at all.

If the dirt has dried, the deposits can make your yoga pants stiff. In the long term, discoloration may also be seen. In particular, the acid and base structure of sweat may permanently affect the color of your clothes.

Of course, this does not happen to everyone, it varies according to the product and its care and conditions. Don’t worry, if you’re someone who does their own laundry, I think you’ll understand when to wash it.

How do you get stains out of yoga pants?

To soften the dirt, soak it in warm water for a while and let the dirt dissolve. If there are stains that do not come off, choose a suitable stain remover. This stain remover has no bleach, alcohol, etc. Make sure it does not contain products. You can choose stain removers for sensitive clothes and delicates.

Also, you can check how to wash leggings by hand, it is very similar to cleaning delicate laundry such as bras.

Wash yoga pants with similar colors

Some kinds of performance fabrics have useful features such as quick drying, being washable with cold water, not getting dirty easily, and more. However, you should still make sure to turn the product inside out and wash it with similar colors while washing. Just in case.

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yoga pants washing instructions
Yoga pants washing instructions

Choosing the right detergent

The best detergent for everyone may differ. Therefore, experience is the best way to meet the right detergent. I prefer sustainable and ecological products that contain fewer chemicals, and organic or natural ingredients.

Honestly, I have been happy for a long time with the detergents and fabric softeners offered for baby laundry. I recommend especially sensitive skin try this type of laundry cleaning product because of its hypoallergenic structure.

SEE 👉🏻what detergent to use for hand washing clothes

👉🏻 Machine wash detergent for delicate clothes

active wear cleaning products
Active wear cleaning products

Can I wash yoga pants in washing machine?

Unless otherwise stated on the product’s label or where you purchased it, you can clean your yoga pants by machine washing, provided that you pay attention to certain elements. Here are some important details to consider. You can keep these care suggestions near your washing machine as a reminder by writing them down on a piece of paper.

  1. Setting the washing machine correctly. 
  2. Definitely keep the spin setting low.
  3. Wash in cold water or at the degree specified on the yoga pants label.
  4. You can choose washing modes such as delicate and hand washing.
  5. Wash inside out.
  6. Wash with similar colors.
  7. Choose detergents that do not contain bleach and harsh chemicals.
  8. Use washing bags for delicate items so that they don’t get caught in zippered or other types of laundry.
  9. For deep clean workout clothes, choose long washing programs. Some machines have special programs for sportswear.
  10. After the washing process is completed, remove the product without leaving it in the machine, and dry it under appropriate conditions.

Drying the yoga pants

When it comes to yoga pants and all other activewear, and yoga wears items in your closet, there are several options for drying. First, be sure to follow the care instructions on the label of your clothing product. Confirm whether it can enter dryer machines.

In my opinion, the best drying method is to dry in the open air, by laying on the turning inside out.

Drying the yoga pants
How do you dry yoga pants?

Can you put leggings in the dryer?

Review the care instructions on your product’s label. You can tumble dry it if it’s suitable for the dryer.

Keep the temperature and rotation setting of the dryer low. Hot and high speed may cause leggings to lose their function by disrupting their fiber structure and elastic texture.

How to dry leggings fast?

If your clothing has a dry fit feature, it will dry on its own. You just need to hang it or lay it. Make sure it’s outdoors or in an airy place, though. Dry it inside out. Never expose it to the sun directly. Do not put it above the heater. Damp and dark places won’t help it dry fast.

Storing Yoga Pants Correctly

You can hang your yoga pants on hangers with snap fasteners or on regular hangers. You can roll the yoga leggings and place them in drawers or compartments and save space. Visually, a colorful and fun clothing corner is very important as it invites you to a more active life.

Here are my friends and dear yoginis who live such an active life. We must change and transform not only our activewear and yoga wear products but our lives holistically. Orienting what is sustainable, experiencing it, and conveying this experience to people should also be a part of our sharing.

Therefore, I do this too, and I would like to introduce you to my bamboo period underwear guide so that you can spend your period more sustainably and comfortably.

Bamboo underwear, which we can wear under our yoga clothes with peace of mind and comfort, not only during the period but also during the rest, should be discovered as well.

yoga pants storage
Yoga pants storage

Frequently Asked Questions About How to Clean Yoga Pants and Maintenance Well

Here are top-asked questions about how to clean yoga pants and how to keep them vivid, colorful, and comfortable as on the first day. If you have any ideas or thoughts to share, please meet with me below in the comments!

Can you wash leggings in warm water?

It can be washed in warm water, maybe in very dirty situations, but hot water is definitely not recommended. Before washing your product, make sure to check the care recommendations and the label inside. The fabric, texture, and elasticity of each product vary. Water higher than a certain temperature may damage your product.

How to clean dry fit clothes?

Cold water and a little soap or detergent do the trick. You can proceed based on the care recommendations of the brand you bought and the care instructions on the label, but you should know that dry fit activewear is incredibly easy to clean and maintain, as it does not easily absorb dirt, dries quickly, and does not absorb liquid.

How to shrink leggings?

Leggings may shrink due to washing and drying processes in a hot setting. If your leggings are too loose and you want them to shrink, I recommend you think again before shrinking. Because if you damage the fiber and flexible texture of your product, your clothes may not be the same.

What to wear to a yoga retreat?

Yoga pants and yoga leggings are two of the essentials of a yoga retreat packing list. You should also add comfortable and colorful yoga tops to the packing list such as hot yoga bra tops, black yoga bra tops, red yoga bra tops, white cotton yoga clothes, and a yoga mat of course. 

You should take bamboo seamless underwear for each day that you’ll stay and if it’s time, I suggest menstrual panties bamboo for your period.

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