Bamboo Period Underwear Guide 2023

Bamboo period underwear is perhaps one of the most preferred among the sustainable period panties that are becoming popular day by day. Of course, the reasons behind this choice are not secret. Here in this article, I wanted to present to you what is there about bamboo period underwear as a general guide. You decide if it’s worth it after reading it all!

What are bamboo period panties, what are the types, how to use, what are the advantages, what should be paid attention to in the care, washing, and drying processes and many more reviews are looking forward to meeting you in this blog post and my other articles. 

By the way, I must say upfront that this post includes reviews of reusable period pants. Never before has Leak-Free and Softer Solutions been this accessible and sustainable! Let’s take a closer look at the best period underwear.

What are bamboo period undies?

Bamboo period panties are made of bamboo fiber fabrics and they are totally for sensitive skin. Bamboo period underwear mainly has hypoallergenic, breathable, and moisture-wicking features. 

These products, which promise you comfort, softness, high absorbency, and impermeability on your most sensitive days, also save you from the hassle of constantly changing pads, and appear as environmentally friendly and sustainable underwear.

You can also check out What is bamboo underwear? in order to get to know bamboo textiles underwear.

What are bamboo period undies?
What are bamboo period undies?

Are period undies any good?

If you are tired of sanitary pads, if you complain about leaks and irritation, you should definitely wear period underwear.

I’m talking about bamboo period products in particular because when we compare bamboo period pads with their competitors, there is a clear comfort difference. Bamboo period undies are really good for comfort and durability. Not to mention it’s sustainable.

Disadvantages of bamboo fabric

There are a few potential downsides to wearing bamboo underwear if we take a look closer. Not all bamboo fabrics are organic. Either bamboo underwear. That means some of them to combine with chemical and synthetic products.

Every textile product with the word bamboo on it is not bamboo. Although its texture is very soft, it is necessary to take a look at its contents. What percentage is actually bamboo? Is the rest synthetic or cotton? What?

If you are striving for a more sustainable and natural world, you can tolerate the disadvantages of bamboo clothing products by choosing organic bamboo underwear and clothing products.

For more, check Organic Bamboo Clothing

Why period pants bamboo?

There are many types of period panties available in the market. Bamboo ones are especially suitable for sensitive skin and allergy sufferers. Of course, not every person is the same. We won’t know unless we try. I like bamboo mostly for its soft texture.

Breathability is an extra advantage for the skin. It can be said that it is suitable for those who live actively, thanks to its high moisture absorbency. The fact that it is antibacterial is also a huge plus for menstruation, in my opinion.

Period pants bamboo
Period pants bamboo

Does period underwear actually work?

Yes, period undies really work. Among my period panties, my favorite is bamboo period underwear due to its high absorbency and breathable texture.

So why do women need something like this? Such things are hardly talked about. But not if I don’t mention it. There were no sanitary pads in the past. Our mothers and grandmothers used to cut and use clothes, then boil them, wash them, and reuse them. Can you imagine? How tedious and tiring!

Now, there are different kinds of pads on the market. Plus period panties. Some allow hand washing only, while others can be machine washed.

We are really lucky, I think. However, as with every product, period underwear needs to be taken care of as well. You can find the Bamboo period underwear care instructions in full below.

Benefits of washable period pants

Washable period briefs are not only comfortable but also sustainable. Less waste, less garbage. More benefits to the world. Environment is friendly. It sure is budget friendly. Being reusable benefits both the user and the ecology.

Why bamboo period underwear?

Considering its soft and breathing texture, providing a sustainable and waste-free experience, and minimizing allergies and irritation, bamboo period underwear seems to be the most suitable option.

Quick View to 10 Benefits of wearing bamboo underwear

Benefits of washable period pants
Benefits of washable period pants

Benefits of Bamboo Period Underwear

Besides the benefits of bamboo underwear, bamboo period underwear has some significant features such as antibacterial texture, enhanced absorbency, increased breathability, and extra softness. 

Take the advantage of this eco-friendly experience for your period.

How do period undies work?

R&D units of companies producing period underwear generally work on high absorbency, long-term retention of liquid, and preventing leaks. The breathtaking tissue studies that follow and the pursuit of a body-friendly experience reveal the quality of that product.

Being antibacterial, it also prevents the formation of unwanted odors and harmful organisms and promises to provide a comfortable and healthy experience to women on their sensitive days.

How to Choose Bamboo Period Underwear?

How will you choose these products, which you will use in your most sensitive times? Here are some recommendations for you to consider.

👉🏻What is the panty model that you feel most comfortable with during your period? A bamboo period underwear that looks the most like it can be a good choice for the beginning.

👉🏻But how will you choose the size? Finding the right size is as important as choosing a bra size when choosing panties. Especially if the period panties are narrow, blood circulation may be adversely affected, and if they are too loose, they may leak. You should make sure that it fits your body perfectly.

👉🏻Absorption capacity and impermeability are also important factors that should affect your bamboo period underwear selection.

👉🏻Breathable texture is important. This is a detail that should make us wonder how many percent bamboo fibers the product consists of. The same detail will also give us a clue about the hypoallergenic and antibacterial nature of the product.

👉🏻The care instructions for each brand’s product may differ, but choose the product with the care instructions that best suits you. General bamboo period underwear maintenance instructions will be detailed below in the rest of this blog post.

👉🏻Period underwear material is also an important issue. Make sure it is free of PFAS or other harmful substances. You should pick the best one that can cover your needs and expectations.

How to Choose Bamboo Period Underwear?
How to Choose Bamboo Period Underwear?

What is the best material for period underwear?

For period underwear, it is possible to find a wide variety of materials and material mixtures together. Among these, cotton and bamboo products, which are skin-friendly, have advantages that will always be preferred.

Period panties, most of which contain intense synthetic materials, may host bad odors and harmful organisms, beware!

What are period undies made of?

Cotton, synthetic, and bamboo textile products, and many more can be seen in the market at different prices and forms. The most important reason for this is what percentage of the content is. It is also important whether the product is organic or not.

Here are the types of bamboo period underwear…

First of all, bamboo period underwear available in the market is divided into two as providing full protection and support. In this guide, we mainly focus on which covers full protection, but I will also mention others as well.

Secondly, bamboo period underwear can be divided into those that can be machine washed and those that are only allowed to be washed by hand. This is determined by the material content of the product and the maintenance and usage instructions determined by the brand.

You can find hipster panties, panties, high waists, boyshorts, boxers, briefs,  period shorts plus size, and more. Take a look at bamboo underwear womens.

What is the best material for period underwear?
What is the best material for period underwear?

Organic cotton period underwear

Organic cotton period underwear can be mixed with bamboo either. They can be skin-friendly and reusable. However, since cotton has a harder and tighter texture compared to bamboo, it can be a bit challenging for those who do sports or have an active lifestyle in terms of flexibility. In addition, bamboo seems to be one step ahead of organic cotton with its quick drying feature.

Hand-washing is generally recommended for menstrual panties with a high cotton content.

👉 Check out our article on the benefits of Organic Cotton underwear, and Organic Cotton Underwear Brands!

Bamboo charcoal period underwear

Bamboo charcoal fiber features can give extra reinforcement to the period underwear. If you are looking for period pants that you can feel comfortable with day and night with their skin-friendly texture, this should be one of the details you need to look at.

Bamboo charcoal period underwear
Bamboo charcoal period underwear

Eco friendly period underwear

By choosing eco-friendly companies with ethical certificates, fair trade and production, and respecting nature, you will be displaying a sustainable and waste-free stance both towards yourself and the world.

Always be your first choice for products whose content is transparent and under which conditions they are produced.

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Leopard print period pants

Although Leopard print pants are not among the first preferred types for the period, they are one of the most sought after period underwear groups with black and claret red colors. 

It is certain that it is one of the most liked types for those who want to make their delicate days more fun and colorful.

🛍️ Check YooTime Period Underwear for Women

Leopard print period pants
Leopard print period pants

Bamboo underwear set

Bamboo underwear period sets are more economic and affordable for those who will use eco-friendly period underwear regularly. 

You more or less guess that multi-packs or multiple purchases will be better and more advantageous. It may be necessary to change these products more frequently on days when bleeding is intense.

Bamboo Period Underwear Reviews & Benefits

Bamboo period underwear benefits are countless but here are a few. Soft, sustainable experience, breathable, hypoallergenic, comfy, reusable, natural, and more.

Check bamboo underwear reviews before looking at the benefits of bamboo period underwear.

Bamboo Period Underwear Reviews & Benefits
Bamboo Period Underwear Reviews & Benefits

Why use period pants?

Besides being sustainable and natural ingredients, period panties have many benefits. These attractive details also encourage people to use them, obviously.

Wear what you want: From now on, you will not hesitate to wear light colored clothes on your most sensitive days.

Will be healthier: You will not be affected by the negative effects of menstrual pads containing carcinogenic substances, which you doubt.

Savior in every sense: Savior both in the long and short term. Supportive during your intense and busy days.

You can have a more sustainable and budget-friendly experience thanks to these underpants, which do not lose their effectiveness despite numerous washings.

Period proof underwear reviews

My experience and reviews on products that provide full protection for the period will cover a wide area in the rest of the article. First of all, there are a few details I want to say in general. These details will also help you to form an opinion about these products.

First, try your product at home. If you’re going out and it’s your first time with it, just in case, complete it with a support such as a menstrual cup, tampon, sanitary napkin, or washable pad. If you still don’t like it and are worried about the day, wear dark colors. Take spare period panties and sanitary pads with you. After a while, you will get used to each other anyway.

Before buying menstrual panties…

If you want full protection, make sure the product covers your all needs without any extra support. Some menstrual panties on the market are less layered and are sold as they need to be supported with sanitary pads or other menstrual products. If it’s extra protection you want, they’ll do the job. 

However, in this article, we are talking about products that do not need extra support in general. Multi-layered, absorbent, and impermeable, no extra support is needed, washable and reusable.

Here are examples of period undies from brands that might interest you. Some of them may be cotton dense. Please meet with them and review in detail. 

  • YooTime period underwear (each one saves more than 200 disposable!)
  • No blood period pants (Noblood FR is one of the best French lingerie brands)
  • Bambody period panties (Bambody Absorbent Boy Short)
  • Thinx period panties (THINX Cotton Boyshort Period Underwear)
Period proof underwear reviews
Period proof underwear reviews

How often do you change period undies?

Change it when the humidity bothers you. This means that the product has reached the point where it can absorb and now the liquid is on the surface. The frequency may vary according to the intensity of the bleeding.

Some products say they can last you all day, but each body and menstrual cycle is different. It would not be correct to generalize this, and at the point where the person does not feel comfortable, the time has come to change.

In the case of bacteria, a two-hour change is recommended for the sanitary napkin. Bamboo period underwear and others generally promise 4-5 sanitary pads absorbency. This means it can be used for up to 8-10 hours. Of course, it will vary by situation.

How many pairs of period pants do I need?

On heavy days, you may need 3-4 period pants. On days when bleeding is relatively less, this number may decrease. However, of course, it is entirely up to you how many bamboo period underwears you will need. 

You don’t know until you try. However, it may be appropriate to say one in the first place in order to understand whether the product is in the right size for you and will meet your expectations. However, it is entirely up to you!

Of course, if you say that you don’t want to spend your menstrual period completely with period undies, then 1-2 of them may work. Although it is not as frequent as sanitary pads, they need to be changed during the day. Remember, your health and hygiene are of the utmost importance.

Period pants
Period pants

Can you wear period underwear all day?

It can be worn, but this is not okay for heavy menstrual days. Although this type of underwear promises a capacity of 4-5 sanitary pads, although bamboo texture has antibacterial properties compared to other yarns, after a while it will be quite possible for harmful and unwanted organisms to reproduce.

But like normal underwear on an ordinary day, light discharges during PMS periods or a light first day of menstruation can keep you going throughout the day.

Does period absorbing underwear work?

Some of them get this job done without any extra support from outside, yes. If you are going to buy reusable or washable period underwear, there are some points to consider. Although brands mention that they have absorbent and leakproof properties when promoting their products, we need to be aware of one thing.

Reusable period panties are generally divided into two types. Firstly, the panties that you need to support with products such as sanitary pads, menstrual cups, or tampons during your menstrual periods, which, by their nature, offer you only a protective feature. 

Of course, they also have benefits, but if you expect complete protection without the need for extra materials, it is the second product you are looking for. So the products that are the subject of this article. Some brands produce only this type of period panties. We have mentioned these above. Also, be sure to read the descriptions of the product you are going to buy.

Does period absorbing underwear work?
Does period absorbing underwear work?

Bambody period underwear reviews

Bambody period underwear has several offers with absorbent and leakproof features. They are usually used instead of pads, but for heavy menstrual periods, you can supplement with additional menstrual products such as pads if you feel better.

🛍️ I like the Bambody absorbent hipsters the most.

Bambody toxic

Bambody period underwear PFAS free feature is another plus. It has been proven by tests that it does not contain chemicals that will harm your health.

Do you have to wear a pad with Bambody period underwear?

It can be used depending on the intensity of the bleeding. In this type of product, the main issue is to ensure that the product does not dry after removing it. At the very least, the washing process should be done quickly in order to ensure bam body period underwear care and prolong its lifespan. Therefore, you can support it with sanitary pads during the first half of the days when you cannot change your period undies or wash them immediately. 

Bambody period underwear Amazon can be purchased easily with affordable prices.

Bambody vs Thinx

Bambody products are shorter in length. It is also sold in packs of 3. Prices are appropriate. PFAS free is a plus.

There are also versions of Thinx products that are long, that cover the hips and upper legs. It has a rich collection of varieties and colors. The prices are a little expensive. Amazon has a few multipacks on sale as well. There is the phrase Climate Pledge Friendly.

Bamboo house period underwear reviews

High waist seamless pink period underwear is definitely my favorite. With its zero waste and environmentally friendly stance, Bamboo house is one of the top quality brands in period briefs and period swimwear. The fabric does not contain silver nanoparticles, and its soft and comfortable texture is truly amazing.

🛍️ My experience and bamboo house period pants review exam has been passed successfully in many ways. Machine washable is an added bonus. It’s also nice that it doesn’t show inside of clothes because of its seamless structure.

The interior composition of the product that I use is 95% cotton. Check the affordable prices of this zero waste brand.

Bamboo house period underwear reviews
Bamboo house period underwear reviews

What are the best period undies?

Each body and its needs are different. Period undies that are the best for you, with a breathable and absorbent fabric that fits your body perfectly. Issues such as that the period panties you will buy do not contain harmful chemicals and that they take ethical and fair steps during the production process may be the best for both you and the environment.

Try to find your best period underwear. Please don’t forget to mention your favorites in the comments.

Why are period pants so expensive?

They do not earn from the release, their production costs are higher than synthetic pads. It costs extra details for its absorbent and leakproof properties. In other words, these types of products can consist of four layers or more. 

This situation naturally requires a more comprehensive study and cost than a disposable hygienic pad. Consider, too, the yarn and fabric used to give the form of underwear. Of course, it is possible to find cheap ones, but they do not promise to be used instead of pads in general.

Bamboo women’s underwear reviews

Bamboo underwear women either for periods or for regular days can be healthier and body friendly. They are sustainable and eco-friendly as well. If you say yes to healthier and waste-free underwear and menstrual experience with cotton and bamboo fibers, you should definitely examine the care suggestions.

Period Underwear Care Instructions

Do you know what you need to do to prolong the life of your product and keep it as fresh as the first day?

Here is some general advice for caring for these delicate items. Note: Care instructions may vary according to brands. Make the maintenance recommendations according to the instructions of the brand you bought the product from.

Period Underwear Care Instructions
Period Underwear Care Instructions

Period underwear instructions before washing

When you buy your period underwear for the first time, I suggest you try it before washing it. If the size does not fit you or you do not like it, you can return it. Otherwise, they might not accept it back. 

If the product is as you expect, before using it for the first time, wash and dry it according to the instructions for use. This operation is recommended to be done more than once. Some period panties are also suitable for machine washing, and some are suitable for hand washing only.

How do you wash period underwear?

👉🏻Rinse your product in cold or lukewarm water until clean water comes out after each use.

👉🏻If you do not want it to be mixed with other laundry during washing, use a special washing bag.

👉🏻Select the lowest possible setting of your washing machine, or select a special delicate.

👉🏻If it is suitable for machine washing with the same colors or with similar laundry, you can wash it at 30 degrees or according to the information in the product’s instructions for use.

👉🏻Be sure to select the ideal detergent for hand washing.

How do you wash period undies? (Best detergents)

Products such as bleach, vinegar, and fabric softener can damage your laundry and its liquid absorption power and sealing feature. Therefore, before using products with high chemical or acidic content, be sure to review the care instructions. If you can’t find an answer, ask the brand you bought it from.

Make sure the products you are going to use are free of oil, bleach, and harsh chemicals. Oil-free, hypoallergenic baby detergents are my favorite delicates.

If you want to use fabric softener, first review your brand’s usage instructions. Then, if available, you can use a suitable fabric softener or a natural fabric softener specific for baby laundry.

By following these care rules, you will not damage the fibers and absorbent texture of your bamboo period underwear and you will contribute to its lifetime.

How to dry period underwear?

  • Dry your laundry by laying it down. Damage to the absorbent fibers may occur if you expose them to different heat sources.
  • The dryer is not generally recommended. Follow the drying instructions on the product label.
  • Do not expose it to the sun directly to avoid discoloration.

Why can’t you tumble dry period pants?

Have you ever wonder what happens if you tumble dry period pants? Let me answer simply. Bamboo period underwear fibers can be weakened, damaged, and lose their function in tumble drying and drying machines.

If you don’t want your panties to shrink and lose their absorbent properties, do not dry them in high temperatures in dryers.

If your dryer has a drying program on a low setting for delicate clothes and your laundry’s care instructions do not prevent drying in dryers, then you can use it.

How long can you wear period pants?

You can wear your period panties until they lose their functionality. Each brand’s promise is different. In addition, operations in accordance with the maintenance instructions extend the life of the product, helping to keep the product as new as the first day.

So there may not be a single answer to the following question: How long do period pants last? Its lifespan can be extended if you follow the care instructions. The brand’s quality is also an extra feature. Period undies for 10 year old can be found if properly looked after.

Is period underwear reusable?

There are those that are like that, and there are also disposable ones. Disposable ones will work in very difficult times, but in the long run, they are neither budget friendly nor environmentally friendly.

Therefore, it is beneficial to choose the washable and reusable versions. These are also divided into two general types products that provide full protection among themselves or support products.

Why do my period pants smell?

You may have allowed it to dry. Before washing, you may not have kept it under running water until clean water comes out. Even if you put it in a container full of water or detergent and let it wait, it may have smelled.

This is not the only answer of “why do period pants smell” many factors can influence the situation. Make the maintenance recommendations according to the instructions of the brand you bought the product from.

That’s it, I hope you found answers to all the questions you were looking for in this article. By focusing on Bamboo period underwear, I made a comprehensive review of reusable menstrual underpants and tried to guide you on the subject. Let’s meet in the comments if you have different questions.

Frequently Asked Questions About Bamboo Period Underwear

Here is some top asked questions about bamboo period underwear and other reusable menstrual undies.

Is period underwear messy?

It may seem a little confusing at first, but once you get used to its comfort, I’m sure you can’t give up. Quality period underwear will not let you down if you follow the maintenance recommendations.

Are period underwear worth it?

The ones that are washable and offer full protection are definitely worth it. They are products of quality that will please you both being environmentally friendly and budget friendly.

Are period underwear sanitary?

Not all, but some are. Therefore, it is useful to look at whether it is full protection or only a supporting product. You can find special brands for these in the review section above.



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