10 Best French Lingerie Brands

French lingerie brands have a long history and tradition that goes back to the 19th century. French underwear is often associated with elegance, sensuality, and femininity.

Additionally, French lingerie brands are often associated with luxury, fashion, and elegance. French culture and the “French Touch” are often seen as a reference to taste and delicacy.

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French brands use high-quality materials, attention to detail, and craftsmanship to create luxurious and comfortable lingerie. they are using.

French lingerie brands often use premium fabrics such as Silk, lace, and cotton.

In this French lingerie brands blog post, you’ll find lingerie as well as pajamas French products, and French homeware apparel, but our main focus is on lingerie and branches. Some are also the best French online lingerie stores.

If you are an underwear lover, you can take a look at Italian underwear brands, Greece Underwear Brands, Brazilian Lingerie Brands, SpanishΒ Lingerie Brands, and Japanese Lingerie Brands. Let’s introduce you to the best French lingerie brands and more!

Looking for comfortable and stylish French underwear brands to spice up your wardrobe? Browse the products to discover the best French lingerie and replenish your lingerie collection today!

Top 10 French Lingerie Brands

In this French lingerie companies list of the top French lingerie, you can find the best brands and price/performance ratios for the most luxurious, cheap, sexy, underwear for men and underwear for women.

You can take a look at the French bra sizes to find the most suitable French bra for you.

1. Chantelle

Chantelle is a French lingerie brand known for its high-quality materials, elegant designs, and attention to detail. Founded in 1876, it is one of the oldest French lingerie brands and is considered a heritage brand.

The company is also known for its innovative use of fabrics and technology, creating comfortable and supportive lingerie that is both fashionable and functional.

Lingerie brands France: Chantelle

Chantelle is known for its wide range of bras, including everyday bras, sports bras, hot yoga bra tops, and maternity bras, as well as a variety of lingerie and shapewear. The brand also offers a wide range of sizes, catering to different body types and sizes.

Chantelle is often associated with luxury, fashion, and elegance. The brand has a reputation for creating sophisticated and feminine designs, using high-quality fabrics such as silk, lace, and cotton. They often use intricate lace and embroidery, making the brand’s lingerie pieces a must-have for women who appreciate delicate and refined lingerie.

Chantelle stands out with its daily lingerie, maternity underwear, and period underwear, as well as its wide selection of bras and special collections. We can say that Chantelle is a successful French bra brand.

You can find Chantelle stores here, and the online shopping site here.

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Chantelle - French Lingerie Brand
Chantelle – French Lingerie Brand

2. Cadolle

Another French lingerie brand, Cadolle is a luxury lingerie brand founded in Paris, France in 1889. The brand is known for inventing the modern bra.

Cadolle underwear emphasizes femininity. You will feel sexy and comfortable.

The brand is known for high-quality materials and intricate designs, often featuring lace and embroidery. Cadolle offers a range of lingerie, including bras, corsets, and other underwear, as well as pajamas and home wear.

French lingerie designer

Cadolle is renowned for its attention to detail and craftsmanship, making it a popular choice among those who appreciate fine lingerie.

You can buy their products in many places, including Europe and America.

You can find Cadolle stores here, and the website where you can shop online.

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Cadolle - French Lingerie Brand
Cadolle – French Lingerie Brand

3. Eres

Eres is a well-established swimwear and luxury French lingerie brand founded in 1968.

Acquired by Chanel in 1966, the company has 47 physical branches in France. Apart from France, it also has stores in the USA and many European countries.

French luxury lingerie

Standing out with its bikinis and swimsuits, Eres is also assertive with its modern, elegant, and comfortable lingerie.

Lace lingerie and cotton bras, high-waisted panties, silk slips that can be worn under a dress, sports bras, and fold-specific lingerie are the most popular products.

Apart from many physical stores, Eres lingerie is also available on the website where you can buy underwear online.

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Eres - French Lingerie Brand
Eres – French Lingerie Brand

4. YsΓ©

YsΓ© Paris is an environmental French lingerie brand founded in 2013 by designer and entrepreneur Caroline KlΓ©pin.

Known for its use of luxury materials and elegant, minimalist designs, the brand offers a wide range of lingerie and home wear products.

YsΓ© Paris has a reputation for creating high-quality, comfortable, and stylish lingerie, and they have a strong commitment to sustainability and ethical production.

Best French bra brands

YsΓ© offers its users a wide variety of bras, as well as panties such as Sexy lingerie, thong, High-waist briefs, and Bloomers.

There are bra options such as Triangle bras, Half-cup bras, and Bandeau bras, and there are many small bust options.

You can visit the bra French brand YsΓ© website to learn about physical stores and to shop online.

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YsΓ© - French Lingerie Brand
YsΓ© – French Lingerie Brand

5. Lise Charmel

Lise Charmel is a high-end lingerie brand based in France. The brand is known for its luxurious designs and use of high-quality fabrics such as silk, lace, and embroidery.

They offer a wide range of styles including bras, panties, corsets, and pajamas, as well as a range of sizes to suit different body types.

Lise Charmel is recognized as one of the leading French lingerie brands, known for its elegant and sophisticated designs, use of luxurious fabrics, and attention to detail and finish.

They are also known for their wide range of collections, from classic to haute couture, and their ability to adapt to the latest lingerie trends.

French brand underwear

Lise Charmel has a wide range of products and especially sexy lingerie stands out. Silk panties and bras, Intimates Red Sets, bodysuits, sleepwear, and bikini products are available.

If you are looking for comfortable and sexy underwear and bras, you should check out one of the best French lingerie company Lise Charmel’s website. You can also browse the physical stores in France here.

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Lise Charmel - French Lingerie Brand
Lise Charmel – French Lingerie Brand

6. Maison Lejaby

Maison Lejaby is a French underwear brand founded in 1884. He is known for high-end, luxurious lingerie and is famous for creating elegant and sophisticated designs.

Maison Lejaby has a long tradition and reputation for creating high-quality and elegant lingerie and is considered one of the most prestigious and well-known French lingerie brands.

(One of the best) French Underwear Brands

Maison Lejaby has a wide range of products such as luxury fabrics, detailed lace embroidery, quality underwear, swimwear, and home wear.

Under the underwear category, there are bras, panties and stockings, bodysuits, iconic lines, bikinis, and swimsuits.

Maison Lejaby has nearly 20 stores including in France. You can reach the stores here and the website where you can shop online.

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Maison Lejaby - French Lingerie Brand
Maison Lejaby – French Lingerie Brand

7. Etam

Etam is a French lingerie brand that was founded in 1916. It is one of the leading lingerie retailers in Europe and has a presence in over 30 countries worldwide.

The brand is known for its fashionable designs, wide range of sizes, and affordable prices. Etam offers a wide range of products including lingerie, sleepwear, loungewear, and swimwear for women, men, and children.

They also have a wide variety of collections such as basics, fashion, bridal and more. Etam is known for its commitment to innovation, quality, and comfort, and has a reputation for creating high-quality, comfortable, and stylish lingerie.

Etam has many product categories such as colorful and comfortable lace bras, panties, sportswear, sexy underwear, menstrual panties, maternity underwear, etc.

You can buy Etam products of Etam underwear brand outside France, Europe, America, and many different countries. You can browse Etam stores here. For online shopping, you can check here.

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Etam - French Lingerie Brand
Etam – French Lingerie Brand

8. Aubade

Aubade, founded in 1875, is one of the French underwear brands with the most stores in Europe.

Known as a luxury underwear brand, Aubade stands out with its intricate lace embroidery, attention to detail, luxury materials, and high quality, and is a very popular brand.

Aubade offers a range of underwear, including bras, panties, and corsets, as well as pajamas and home wear.

In the bra category of the French underwear brand, Demi bras, Push-up bras, Balconette bras, Triangle bras, Wireless bras, T-shirt bras, and Big cups bras.

In the panties category, there are Thongs, a designer St-Tropez shorties collection, Mini-Coeur briefs, Italian briefs, Brazilian briefs, and High-waisted briefs.

Aubade, which has a large number of women’s underwear, also has men’s underwear sections. You can also prefer Aubade’s special collections.

You can shop at Aubade stores here, and you can shop online here.

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Aubade - French Lingerie Brand
Aubade – French Lingerie Brand

9. Empreinte

Empreinte is a French luxury underwear brand founded in 1946.

The brand is known for its focus on full-chested and plus-size underwear. It is also known as the French bra brand and focuses on bras.

You can find all kinds of bras in the size you are looking for, and the brand offers successful products by combining quality materials with details.

Empreinte is known for its perfect fit, comfort, and support, and its collections are often praised for their elegant and refined style.

Empreinte is a brand that appeals to women of large and large sizes and offers a wide range of sizes.

You can shop for Empreinte stores here, and you can shop online for lingerie here.

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Empreinte - French Lingerie Brand
Empreinte – French Lingerie Brand

10. LOU

If you are looking for a French style, colorful, high quality, and cheap French underwear brand, you should take a look at LOU lingerie. Lou lingerie is very famous and it is getting popular day by day. This brand is one of the best European lingerie brands.

You can find many options such as casual underwear, seamless underwear, special occasion underwear, maternity bras, high waist briefs, and non-wired bras.

LOU appeals to young people and color lovers with its colorful catalogs.

You can browse LOU’s physical stores and website for online shopping.

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LOU - French Lingerie Brand
LOU – French Lingerie Brand

Questions about French Underwear Brands

I will try to answer frequently asked questions about French Underwear Brands. If you have some questions or missing brands please write them below the comments!

Is Bluebella a french brand?

No, Bluebella is a British brand, but it is a well-known and popular brand with branches in France and many other countries.

Why is French lingerie famous?

French underwear brands are known for their high-quality fabrics, fine workmanship, and the attention they give to details, together with their experience from the past. They produce comfortable and cozy work clothes. That’s why they are so famous and popular.

Is Italian lingerie better or French lingerie?

We cannot say one is better than the other. Italian underwear focuses on elegance and sexiness, while French underwear focuses on comfort and elegance. You can choose both according to your needs.

Is French lingerie appropriate for Valentine’s Day?

French lingerie is stylish and aesthetic. If you are thinking about Valentine’s day, you can find seductive lingerie for your partner.

Are there any French underwear brands I can buy in the USA?

There are French underwear brands that I can buy in the USA. You can shop from luxury underwear brands such as Cadolle, ETAM, and Eres.

What is the high end lingerie French name?

Lise Charmel is a high end French lingerie brand. In this French brand lingerie stores, you will be able to find a wide range of styles underwear for different body types, needs and expectations.



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