11 unique Spanish & Spain lingerie brands

Welcome to the attractive world of Spanish lingerie and Spain lingerie brands, where passion meets craftsmanship and design meets comfort.

Spain, which we all know for its vibrant culture, has quality, stylish, and affordable underwear brands that appeal to all audiences.

You can also find international and very popular underwear brands in Spain.

Let’s take a look at Spanish underwear brands together.

11 Best Spanish Lingerie Brands in Spain

If you want to shop for lingerie in Spain, you can find many quality brands to choose from.

The diverse world of Spanish lingerie combined with international favorites operating in Spain offers a little something for everyone, with luxurious designs, affordable options, and a focus on comfort and craftsmanship.

Whether you want to update your daily essentials or splurge for a special occasion, these 11 best Spanish and international lingerie brands have you covered.

So why not embrace the sensuality of Spanish lingerie and indulge in some Mediterranean passion? Here are the best Spanish lingerie brands:

1. Women’secret

Women’secret, the most well-known Spanish underwear brand, stands out with its stylish designs, following fashion closely and being reasonably priced according to its quality.

It offers many stylish products, from colorful, flirty, and lively bras and panties, to comfortable pajamas to home wear. It also offers a wide range of yoga tights and various sports underwear.

Women’secret products focus on comfort and convenience as well as being stylish.

Prices are quite reasonable and budget-friendly. You can add very nice clothes to your underwear collection at affordable prices.

Sizes range from 32A to 40F for bras and XS to XXL for panties.

🛒 You can browse Women’Secret physical stores here.

🛍️ You can enjoy online shopping with Women’Secret.

Spanish Lingerie Brands
Women’Secret – Spanish Lingerie Brands

2. Selmark

Born in Galicia in 1975, Selmark is one of the pioneers of Spanish lingerie brands.

Selmark is a brand that focuses on comfort and functionality without sacrificing style.

The brand, which is mostly preferred for casual panties and bras, also has a very extensive bridal underwear catalog.

However, you can find plenty of underwear such as Brazilian type. There are also sports sections.

The brand, which also has large size options, ranges from 30A to 48G for bras and XS to 4XL for panties.

Prices are quite affordable and competitive. Selmark is very popular among Spanish lingerie brands.

🛒 You can shop online with the Selmark website.

Selmark - Spanish Lingerie Brands
Selmark – Spanish Lingerie Brands

3. Intimissimi

Italian underwear brand Intimissimi is another underwear brand with stores in Spain.

Intimissimi is among the most well-known lingerie brands in the world with its sophisticated and stylish designs and is also very popular in Spain.

The brand, which uses quality materials such as silk and cotton in its laundry, is very successful in lace details.

There are luxurious and comfortable bras, panties, bodysuits, nightgowns, and sexy lingerie collections.

Intimissimi offers reasonably priced underwear with a touch of Italian elegance. Sizes range from 32A to 40E for bras and XS to XL for panties.

👉 You can browse Intimissimi Spain stores here.

🛒 Browse online shopping in Spain with Intimissimi.

Intimissimi - Spain Lingerie Brands
Intimissimi – Spain Lingerie Brands

4. Etam

French underwear brand Etam conquered the hearts of Spanish shopaholics with its stylish and feminine designs.

Etam, one of the Spanish underwear brands, has various styles of bras and lace bras, panties, pajamas, and home wear in its collections.

Known for its quality and luxury underwear, Etam may be a little more expensive than other Spanish underwear brands, but it will be worth it.

Sizes range from 32A to 40F for bras and XS to XXL for panties.

🏪 You can browse Etam’s stores in Spain.

👉 You can shop online with Etam’s official site.

Etam - Spain Lingerie Brands
Etam – Spain Lingerie Brands

5. Andres Sarda

Born in Barcelona, Andres Sarda is a high-end luxury lingerie brand that exudes elegance and sophistication.

The luxury Spanish lingerie brand will take a prominent place among your lingerie with flamboyant silk, delicate laces, and sensual embroidery.

Although Andres Sarda’s prices are high, impeccable quality and timeless designs make every piece worth the investment.

Sizes range from 32A to 38E for bras and XS to XL for panties.

🏪 Check out Andres Sarda’s stores in Spain.

👉 Shop online with Andres Sarda.

Andres Sarda - Lux Spanish Lingerie Brands
Andres Sarda – Lux Spanish Lingerie Brands

6. Oysho

Oysho is a Spanish underwear brand that comes to the fore with sportswear but also has various underwear collections.

Known for its comfort and comfort, Oysho is perfect for those looking for stylish and practical pieces.

The brand, which has a wide range of sportswear such as sports tights, trousers, overalls, yoga bra tops, also has bras, panties, bodysuits, shaping underwear, invisible underwear, and nursing bras.

Prices are affordable and sizes range from 32A to 40E for bras and XS to XXL for panties.

👉 You can browse and shop at Oysho physical stores.

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Oysho - Spanish Lingerie Brands
Oysho – Spanish Lingerie Brands

7. Tezenis

Tezenis is another Italian underwear brand operating in Spain.

Tezenis is a very popular brand, especially among young people. It is very good at swimwear and activewear, as well as fashionable quality underwear.

Focusing on affordable and trendy designs, Tezenis has become a favorite among Spanish consumers.

Offering a wide range of sizes from 30A to 40E for bras, and from XS to XXL for panties, the brand allows everyone to find something suitable for their own style and fit.

👉 With the Tezenis website, you can shop for underwear online and browse their stores in Spain.

Spain Lingerie Brands
Tezenis – Spain Lingerie Brands

8. Yamamay

Another Italian brand operating in Spain is Yamamay. Yamamay is known for his trendy and sensual designs.

The brand attaches great importance to quality and comfort. In addition to women’s underwear, there are also men’s underwear and children’s underwear collections.

In addition, Yamamay has an assertive and sexy underwear collection called Private.

In the men’s section, there is also a collection unique to Cristiano Ronaldo with the name CR7.

You can shop for underwear for your whole family at Yamamay. You can also get underwear sets that make you feel special.

The brand’s sizes range from 32A to 40E for bras and XS to XXL for panties.

Prices are quite reasonable for its quality. With reasonable prices and a wide range of sizes, Yamamay has become a popular choice for underwear shoppers in Spain.

🏪 You can browse all Yamamay stores here.

🛒 You can shop online with Yamamay.

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Spain lingerie brands
Yamamay – Spain lingerie brands

9. Promise

Promise is a Spanish underwear brand founded in Barcelona and serving in 25 different countries today.

Promise, which holds an important place among Spanish underwear brands, blends contemporary fashion with classic Spanish charm to create irresistible underwear.

Promise sells elegant and aesthetic bras, different types of panties, bodysuits, as well as swimwear and home wear. It has many special collections, especially in the swimwear section.

Promise has recently introduced a sustainability-themed collection, and the brand is looking to achieve significant things in the future.

A quality and affordable brand that you can choose among Spanish underwear brands, Promise’s sizes range from 32A to 40E for bras and XS to XL for panties.

🏪 You can browse Promise stores here.

🛒 You can visit the Promise online store.

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Spanish Lingerie Brands
Promise – Spanish Lingerie Brands

10. Janira

Janira is a Spanish brand that sells women’s underwear, men’s underwear, home, and miscellaneous clothing.

Janira lingerie, on the other hand, is famous for its comfortable and stylish shapewear, offering a wide range of products that beautify and shape the body.

Janira has a private intimate underwear collection. In addition to this collection, it also produces panties and various bras suitable for body types.

Among the Spanish underwear brands, Janira’s men’s underwear section is also dense.

Their collection includes high-waisted panties, body shapers, and girdles, all designed to provide maximum comfort and support. Prices are reasonable and sizes range from XS to 4XL.

🏪 Check out Janira’s stores in Spain.

🛒 Buy underwear online with Janira.

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Spanish Lingerie Brands
Janira – Spanish Lingerie Brands

11. Avet

Avet is a well-established Spanish underwear brand founded in 1954. Spain has an important history among underwear brands.

Avet has long had a well-deserved reputation for producing high-quality and comfortable underwear.

The brand, which produces underwear with comfortable, breathable fabrics, is very good at everyday underwear such as bras, panties, silk nightwear and corsets.

The quality of the maternity underwear is also quite good. It is also assertive in men’s underwear.

The brand, which attaches importance to sustainability, also has Bamboo lingerie options besides classical materials such as lace underwear.

Avet underwear prices are suitable for any budget, making it a popular choice for everyday wear.

Sizes range from 32A to 40E for bras and S to 3XL for panties.

🛒 You can buy underwear online with Avet.

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Spanish Lingerie Brands
Avet – Spanish Lingerie Brands

Questions about Spain lingerie brands

Whether you’re visiting Spain on vacation or for work. Do you want to buy underwear but are wondering about Spanish underwear brands? Also, do you have questions about Spanish lingerie brands? Here are the answers to some questions.

Are Spanish lingerie brands cheap compared to other European countries?

Yes, Spanish underwear brands are cheaper than other European country brands. You can buy products of the same quality with discounts of up to 20%.

How can I find the right size and style when buying underwear from Spanish brands?

If you are shopping for underwear online, many sites have size information. The sizes of Spanish underwear brands are the same as in Europe. You can also check out our article on learning your bra size at home.

Are Spanish lingerie brands of good quality?

Yes, Spanish lingerie brands are very high quality and comfortable. There are many brands that produce quality underwear for luxury or everyday life.

Do you have Intimissimi in Spain?

Yes, you can buy Intimissimi stores and underwear in Spain. Especially in Madrid, there are many Intimissimi stores.

Which Italian underwear brands are available in Spain?

If you are looking for an Italian underwear brand in Spain, we have good news for you. Famous Italian brands such as Intimissimi, Yamamay, and Tezenis have their stores and online sales in Spain.

Are there any French underwear brands in Spain?

Etam is the most well-known brand in Spain as a French lingerie brand.

What are the prices of Spain lingerie brands?

Spanish lingerie brands start at 10 Euros, although prices vary by brand. Prices for international underwear brands in Spain start from 15 Euros.

Are Spanish lingerie brands better than Italian brands?

It’s hard to say, Italian underwear brands are more well-known around the world and produce more luxury products. In addition, Spanish underwear brands are also very high quality and more affordable, but they are more classic.

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