A Bombshell Lingerie Brand: Savage X Fenty History

Although Savage X Fenty history is based on a very recent past, it is a successful and young brand that has quickly established itself in the sector. This brand new lingerie brand, which is also known for its inclusiveness in terms of its target audience, manages to attract people’s attention with its bold and colorful designs.

Savage x Fenty history increases its volume and consolidates its position with the investments made and the rising capital. In this article, you will find more detailed information about the brand as well as what kind of products it has, who it appeals to, and even where to watch the Savage x Fenty show.

Savage X Fenty History

Savage x Fenty by Rihanna is a brand that started out on May 11, 2018, covering two different product groups, beauty products, and underwear products, and with selections suitable for EVERY BODY. 

Savage x Fenty mission statement, while adding inspiration, creativity, and originality to the fashion world, reinforced its place in the hearts of end consumers with its motto of diversity and inclusivity.

Savage x Fenty brand identity

Brand identity is described as revolutionary, innovative, and game-changing. With a unique approach celebrating everyBODY and individuality, it has a definite line that breaks taboos and contributes to transformation.

Savage x Fenty brand identity
Savage x Fenty brand identity

Where did the name Savage x Fenty come from?

Savage x Fenty name meaning is coming from Rihanna’s surname. Did you know Rihanna’s full name? Robyn Rihanna Fenty gives her name to her lingerie brand. 

The Savage part is a bit more abstract. According to Rihanna, they want people to look and feel sexy. Don’t forget to have fun while doing it. Savage x Fenty has something for everybody and every mood.

Savage X means making your own rules and expressing your mood, character and style for you – not for someone else.


When was Savage x Fenty launched?

Savage x Fenty launched in 2018. All marketing activities before the brand, which was opened on the 11th of May 2018, were carried out from Rihanna’s Instagram account.

The brand, whose first collection was completely sold out within the month following its launch in Brooklyn, made a strong entry into the market with its variety of styles and bold designs appealing to everyone.

Savage Fenty owned by…

Savage x Fenty is owned by Rihanna. It is a collaborative venture between Rihanna and Techstyle Fashion Group. Chosen as one of the most innovative style companies, the company has a high brand value and a social media audience.

owner of Savage X Fenty
Owner of Savage X Fenty

Best Savage x Fenty Products

Savage x Fenty products are basically divided into two parts. Savage Fenty beauty and Savage Fenty lingerie. 

Savage Fenty beauty products can be another blog post but for now, we can focus on the underwear collection of this young brand.

Savage Fenty clothing

Even though Savage x Fenty history is very new, we can say without hesitation that it has a wide and ambitious product portfolio.

Savage x Fenty productions are famous with dividedness, high-spirited, colorful and style that appeals to every body. Basic underwear, lingerie, lace bra sets, active wear, lounge & sleep wear, and men’s underwear are some of the popular products of Savage x Fenty.

Savage Fenty clothing
Savage Fenty clothing

Savage x Fenty plus size

This lingerie brand, which breaks the accepted stereotypical body perceptions, appeals to various different bodies with its extraordinary colors and designs. The large product range of the brand is really admirable.

Savage Fenty website models make combinations that will inspire you, especially in large sizes. I definitely suggest you take a look. Check Savage Fenty website to discover for instance Savage x Fenty biggest size and other things you are wondering about. Savage Fenty Store is also available on Amazon. 

Savage x Fenty Reviews

Let’s talk about one of the most popular products of the brand 👉🏻 Savage x Fenty leggings review. It is worth the money you pay with its flexible texture and its structure that does not disturb the body. 

There are some Savage x Fenty complaints about leggings but this brand also has some sizes and standards for body size just like the other brands. Therefore, if you are going to shop from this brand, you need to carefully examine the size chart.

You can also take a look at Savage x Fenty review Reddit and other platforms. There are also fresh discussions and comments on those channels.

Savage x Fenty sizing compared to Victoria Secret
Savage x Fenty sizing compared to Victoria Secret

Savage x Fenty cost

Savage x Fenty sports bras and regular bras start from $40, lounge & sleep products from $20, panties from $20, and delicate lingerie from $30-50 and increase depending on the product. More products can be found either less or more but I have specified based on the starting cost of Savage Fenty prices on Amazon.

Savage x Fenty payment methods

Due to their official website, Savage X Fenty nowadays accepts all major credit cards (including Visa and MasterCard), debit cards, and PayPal. Afterpay is also accepted for orders $30+.

The Xtra Savage Membership option may offer you an unusual shopping experience. Savage x Fenty payment methods can depend on your membership (if you have one). You may want to explore this kind of membership system for free shipping, early access to products, and more. Do not forget 👉🏻 BorderFree customers aren’t eligible to join the Xtra Savage Membership.

Savage Fenty Show Where to Watch

You can watch the Savage Fenty show on Amazon prime. This visual feast with an IMDb score of 7.3 and the first episode released in 2019 consists of 4 episodes in total.

Savage x Fenty show reviews

This documentary broadcast, where music, fashion, and beauty are intertwined, also offers the opportunity to see the Savage X Fenty brand from backstage.

If you like this kind of documentary and fashion-packed productions on Amazon prime video, I suggest you take a look at these as well.

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Savage Fenty Show Where to Watch
Savage Fenty Show Where to Watch

Frequently Asked Questions About Savage X Fenty History and Products

Here are some very curious questions about Savage x Fenty history, products, and shopping. I hope you enjoy the blog. See you in other posts. If you have any comments or questions drop them in the comments below.

How much is Savage x Fenty VIP?

Savage Fenty monthly fee is $59.95 charge. If you “skip this month” between the 1st and the 5th of each month, you won’t be charged for the relative month. There is no compulsion to continue the membership, you have the right to postpone it as much as you want according to the information written on their website.

There are so many Savage x Fenty VIP membership reviews with the good and the bad. I think there is something directly proportional to your expectations. If it is a brand that you will be shopping for regularly, membership can be very advantageous.

Why is Savage x Fenty so cheap?

Savage Fenty products have a normal price in the similar. It cannot be said that it is very cheap, but thanks to its membership program, it offers more affordable prices and early access to its loyal customers.

Does Fenty donate to charity?

Fenty started a pajama collection for charity to the Clara Lionel foundation. So they carried out non-profit works. Clara Lionel Foundation was founded by Rihanna in 2012. Their topic is generally climate.

Are Savage Fenty bras good Reddit?

Savage x Fenty bras, which impress with their original, colorful, and bold designs for stylish women, also become the reason for their comfort. Lingerie sets, push up bras, sportive bra tops and many other styles, models, and sizes appear. Savage fenty bra reviews are generally smooth. However, we can see in the comments of the products that there are a few customers who have problems choosing the size.

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